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Of Canada 17 medical schools, UdeM's ranks No. 1 in promoting Web-based applications to its students and faculty

Université de Montréal’s medical school does far more than any other in Canada to promote Web-based applications that help students and faculty do research and deliver health care, a new survey has found.

Of Canada’s 17 med schools, UdeM’s ranks first in promoting apps through its library website, according to the survey, published in the Journal of the Canadian Health Libraries Association.

The library's research guide lists 128 apps, almost three times the number of the second-ranked institution, Université de Sherbrooke, which lists 50. McGill University, by contrast, only lists 21, just below the Canadian median of 23.

The apps cover many subjects from general medicine and pharmacy to medical specialities such as opthalmology. The most popular are Dynamed, Medscape Mobile, EBSCOhost Mobile, Micromedex and AccessMedicine.

“A unique feature on the UdeM and UdeS guides were sections on security and privacy considerations when using apps in a clinical setting,” noted the survey’s author, Tess Grynoch, a graduate student at Dalhousie University’s School of Management.

UdeM’s med school also distinguished itself in “using (its) Facebook page to post information” and “expanded (its) promotion beyond the university through use of public mass media such as radio and newspapers and professional newsletters.”

The survey looked at the library websites of 17 medical schools across Canada in March 2016. Grynoch’s article was awarded the Librairies Association’s 2016 Student Paper Prize.

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