Montreal is number one for the next generation

Montreal is the 9th best place in the world for students, second in North America, and the single best in Canada, according to university ranker QS. While the city's research intensity played an important role in this ranking, Université de Montréal's hometown scored particularly well in the “student mix” category. “Cities where the population has a higher proportion of students are likely to be better equipped with the facilities students need. Cities with high numbers of international students are also more likely to have the facilities to welcome more,” explained the designers of the study. Ninth position is an improvement on the 10th place that the British firm gave Canada's research capital last year – a step closer in fact to the world-wide first place that the city achieved in China's Sea Turtle ranking in July this year.


Université de Montréal Rector Guy Breton welcomed the news. “Université de Montréal, HEC Montréal and Polytechnique Montréal, along with our counterparts, are the beating heart of Montreal,” Breton said. “The improvement in Montreal's ranking this year justifies and encourages our community's on-going commitment to developing our city as an educational and research hub through excellence and inclusiveness.” The university and its affiliates welcome more than 7,500 foreign students every year.

The QS ranking looked at several criteria such as the collective research impact of the universities in a city, the quality of life, the opinion of recruiting employers, affordability and, as mentioned above, the position of students within the greater community.


Media contact: William Raillant-Clark International Press Attaché University of Montreal (officially Université de Montréal) Tel: 514-343-7593 | | @uMontreal_News

About Université de Montréal:

Université de Montréal enjoys an enviable position as a leading research institution both in North America and the French-speaking world. The university's role as a hub between these spheres enables it to develop unique and dynamic research networks that are driven by world renowned scientists, drawing collaboration with the globe's most innovative organizations. At a local level, the University is committed to building on the Montreal region's unique strengths in science and technology, encompassing fields such as aerospace engineering, nanoscale chemistry and software design, and has therefore promoted strategic relationships with public and private organizations.

The 64,000 students and professors associated with Université de Montréal and its affiliated schools for commerce (HEC Montréal) and engineering (École Polytechnique) are recognized for the high volume and quality of their research and for their international profile. Ten per cent of the university's students are from outside Canada, and 40% of research published by the university's community involves international collaboration. Within Canada, Université de Montréal's excellence is recognized by the awarding of half a billion dollars in funding; at an international level, it is consistently placed within the top 150 institutions in major world research rankings.