Helping students pass the stress test of exams

Although summer is fast approaching, high school students still have to face exam season before the end of the school year. And the stress of exams isn't exactly an easy thing to face. A lot can be riding on academic performance during this time period – including admission to different universities and success in passing the class overall.  According to Statistics Canada, in 2013, 352,745 high school youths reported experiencing quite a lot or extreme stress overall. This can lead students to become depressed, hurt themselves or abuse alcohol/drugs. So what can be done to help students pass the upcoming stress test of exam period? Could physical activity play a role in helping them move away from the problem? Could teachers support their students through encouragement? Can any of these methods help high school youth deal with stress as a whole?


To address this topic, Dr. Sonia Lupien of the University of Montreal, a health researcher who has been funded by CIHR, is available.

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