Referendum on Scottish independence – University experts available to speak from Quebec/Canada perspective

On September 18, Scots head to the polls to decide their political future in a referendum. Professors at Université de Montréal are available to answer questions from the media on the subject.


Laurie Beaudonnet

Professor – Department of Political Science

Professor Beaudonnet works on political attitudes within the European Union.

T. 514 343-6111, ext. 3701

Stéphane Beaulac

Professor - Faculty of Law

Professor Beaulac is on location in Scotland.

Claire Durand

Professor – Department of Sociology

Professor Durand writes the blog Ah! les sondages, in which she includes analyses of surveys conducted in Scotland about the referendum.

T. 514 343-7447

Jean-François Gaudreault-DesBiens

Professor – Faculty of Law

Professor Gaudreault-DesBiens holds the Canada Research Chair in North American and Comparative Legal Identities

T. 514 343-7441

Frédéric Mérand

Director of the Centre d'études et de recherches internationales de l'Université de Montréal (CÉRIUM)

T. 514 345-7176

Richard Nadeau

Professor – Department of Political Science

In 2012, with colleagues from the University of Edinburgh, Professor Nadeau began a comparative study of Scottish and Quebec opinions regarding the nationalist question.

T. 514-343-6111, ext. 54799

Daniel Turp

Professor – Faculty of Law

Professor Turp is on location in Edinburgh until September 20.

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