Catalonia seperation referendum: University experts available for comment

On September 29, the Constitutional Court of Spain suspended the seperation referendum that Catalonia had intended to hold on November 9. Despite this decision, Catalonian independance leaders have rearffirmed their intention to hold the election.


The following Université de Montréal professors are available for comment :

  • Stéphane Beaulac Professor - Faculty of Law Expertise : Law and constitutionality 514 343-7211 |
  • Jean-François Gaudreault-DesBiens Professor - Faculty of Law Canada Research Chair in North American and Comparative Legal and Cultural Identities Expertise : Comparative law (civil/common), ethical-legal theories of federalism 514-343-7441 |
  • Jean Leclair Professeur- Faculty of Law Expertise : Law and constitutionality 514-343-7487 |
  • Frédéric Mérand Director, CÉRIUM Centre for International Studies and Research Expertise : European Union, Sociology, Politics 514-345-7176 |
  • Daniel Turp Professor - Faculty of Law Expertise : Law and constitutionality 514-343-6118 |
  • Éric Viladrich-Castellanas Head of Catalonian Studies, Department of Littérature and Modern Languages Expertise : Catalonian history, culture and society 514-343-6111 #17322 |

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