Terrorism in France – University experts available to comment

Credit : Keno Photography - Kenan Šabanovi?Researchers at Université de Montréal are available to answer journalists' enquiries regarding the recent terrorist attacks in France, the social and political context, and the possible outcomes. The languages that the professors speak are indicated. Most are available for interview in English.




  • Valérie Amiraux 
    Professor - Department of Sociology | Canada Research Chair for Religious and Ethnic Diversity
    Expertise: Radicalisation, Muslims in Europe, Islamophobia.
    Languages: English, French, Italian 
    valerie.amiraux@umontreal.ca | 514-343-6111 #3768 | 514-343-7233


  • Jocelyn Coulon
    Director of the Peace Operations Research Network Expertise: Context and outcomes of the terrorist acts Languages: French only. j.coulon@umontreal.ca | 514-951-0431 (cell)


  • Marc-Antoine Dilhac Professor– Department of Philopsophy | Canada Research Chair for Public Ethics and Political Theory Expertise: Notions of tolerance, fundamental freedoms (freedom of conscience, expression and the press), secularism, multiculturalism and democracy.
    Languages: French only
    marc-antoine.dilhac@umontreal.ca | 514-343-6111 #2904


  • Abdelaziz Djaout 
    Researcher – Faculty of Theology and Religious Sciences
    Expertise : Islamism, Islam in Quebec, Radicalisation, and the fight against and undoing of radicalization
    Languages: French 


  • Carol Galais
    Researcher – Canada Chair for Electoral Studies
    Expertise: Political socialisation, political engagement, active citizenship
    Languages: Spanish 


  • Solange Lefebvre
    Professor – Faculty of Theology and Religious Sciences | Chair of Religion, Culture and Society
    Expertise: Religion in public space, religion and politics, secularism and secularisation
    Languages: English and French 
    solange.lefebvre@umontreal.ca | 514-343-5717


  • Alain Saulnier
    Visiting Professor – Department of Communication
    Expertise: Information and Democracy, Media
    Languages: English and French 
    alain.saulnier@umontreal.ca | 514-343-6111 #0806


  • Pierre Trudel
    Professor– Faculty of Law | L.R. Wilson Chair for IT and Electronic Trade Law
    Expertise: Freedom of expression and its boundaries, media and cyberspace laws, legal and non-legal techniques for limiting the freedom of expression, ethics in journalism, on the Internet and in social media.
    Languages: English and French 
    pierre.trudel@umontreal.ca | 514-343-6263

public forum on the issues surrounding the Charlie Hebdo terrorist attacks will take place at Université de Montréal's Carrefour des arts et des science (3150, rue Jean-Brillant) on January 19, from11.45 am to 1pm.  It is open to the public and media and has been organized  by the university's Department of Political Science and the Centre for Research on Policy and Development. This event will be taking place in French.

The speakers will be Fabien Desage, Université de Montréal and Université Lille 2, Carol Galais, Université de Montréal and journalist Jean-François Nadeau of Le Devoir newspaper, along with his cartoonist colleague Garnotte. It will be moderated by Frédéric Bastien (Université de Montréal).

The event is open to the public and media are welcome to attend. Cameras must be receive prior authorization from Université de Montréal media relations.

Media Relations Officers:
English and foreign language media: 
William Raillant-Clark
Tel.: 514-343-7593

French language media: 
Benjamin Augereau
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