Canada makes key investment in the Thirty Meter Telescope

Canada's Prime Minister Stephen Harper has announced an investment in the multinational Thirty Meter Telescope project, enabling Canadian astronomers and astrophysics to confirm their international leadership of the field.


Dr. Guy Breton, Rector of Université de Montréal, believes the investment is proof of the remarkable quality of Canadian astronomy and astrophysics research teams. “Over the years, our scientists have patiently developed an exceptional expertise in space research,” Dr. Breton said. “At Université de Montréal, this expertise has notably been applied to the search for exoplanets and the development of cameras. The investments in the Thirty Meter Telescope that were announced this week are in fact the logical and expected next step in Canadian space research. We are pleased to know that our researchers and their industry partners will be able to pursue their work within international teams, teams that are dedicated to improving our understanding of our universe.”




Media Contact

William Raillant-Clark
Press Attaché, Université de Montréal