Miriam Beauchamp Receives the 2015 Early Career Research Award from the International Neuropsychological Society

Miriam Beauchamp, Ph.D., researcher at CHU Sainte-Justine and  associate professor in the Department of Psychology at Université de Montréal, was awarded the 2015 Early Career Research Award from the International Neuropsychological Society (INS), whose mission is to promote the international and interdisciplinary study of brain-behavior relationships throughout the lifespan. This award recognizes her research work and her outstanding scientific achievements in the field of neuropsychology, more specifically in the area of pediatric concussions, brain injury and social cognition.


Miriam Beauchamp was presented with her award and gave a keynote address entitled “Brain, Behavior and Beyond: Tracing the Social Landscape of Pediatric TBI”. Brain disruptions occurring at any stage from birth through to the end of adolescence can indeed disturb the delicate balance of environmental, cerebral, and cognitive processes underlying social competence, leading to inappropriate social behaviors.

Within the scope of her scientific work, Dr. Beauchamp brings together sensitive neuroimaging tools and a variety of ecological social assessment approaches that she has developed. When combined, these tools and approaches have the potential to improve prognosis and the early identification of youth at-risk for engaging in socially maladaptive behaviors after pediatric TBI. Ultimately, Dr. Beauchamp hopes to help improve intervention and patient management.

Miriam Beauchamp has also established and directs the ABCs Developmental Neuropsychology Lab.

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