UdeM maintains its position among the world’s top research universities

Credit: Amélie Philibert

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The majority of international and national rankings published in 2016 confirm that the Université de Montréal remains a key player in research worldwide.

“One thing we can gather from the various international and national rankings published this year is that the Université de Montréal has maintained its standing as a world-class research university,” said Agnieszka Dobrzynska, Director of UdeM’s Bureau de recherche institutionnelle (BRI). The BRI is responsible for collecting and analyzing data on the Université de Montréal and interpreting changes in the indicators on which the rankings are based.

Indeed, in September, Times Higher Education ranked UdeM 103rd, up 10 positions from last year. According to Dobrzynska, this increase reflects “improvement in the scientific research conducted at the University, and its influence.” The indicators show progress in the number of publications, the average funding per professor, the impact of citations, and the institution’s reputation based on an extensive survey carried out with the international academic community.

The BRI Director added that the National Taiwan University ranking, made public last month, which is solely based on indicators measuring the quantity, quality, and scope of research produced, confirms this position. For the third year in a row, UdeM placed among the top 100 universities in the world, ranking 94th this year.

This position is also confirmed by Research Infosource, which analyzes and compares Canadian research universities, according to Dobrzynska. “To celebrate its 15th anniversary, the group measured university performance related to research income between 2001 and 2015," she said. “It reveals that UdeM is the second largest Canadian university in terms of research funding — over $7 billion in 15 years.”

Dobrzynska also noted that the Université de Montréal is well placed in Maclean’s Canadian university rankings, based on the main indicators of scientific research: funding, impact factor, and awards and distinctions for professors.

Finally, to complete the overview, UdeM has climbed to 126th this year in the QS World University Ranking, and placed among the best 151 to 200 universities in the world according to the Shanghai Jiao Tong University ranking.

Leader in medicine and health / business and economics

In a breakdown by subject, Times Higher Education ranks the world’s top 100 universities in eight disciplines. Here we can see that UdeM has strengthened its position this year in “clinical, pre-clinical and health,” going from 62nd to 51st. It is also among the top 100 universities in the “business and economics” category, ranking 100th.

“We can be proud of these results. They are a reward for our entire community, especially our researchers, who work every day to make the Université de Montréal a prestigious institution internationally, recognized for the quality of its research," said Rector Guy Breton.