UdeM and the Canadian Olympic Committee partner in support of elite athletes

Chantal Pharand, Daniele Sauvageau , Sandrine Mainville, Manon Simard.

Chantal Pharand, Daniele Sauvageau , Sandrine Mainville, Manon Simard.

Credit: Benoit Mongeon

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UdeM and the Canadian Olympic Committee sign an agreement to support athletes in the successful pursuit of their studies.

Effective next September, Université de Montréal, along with HEC Montréal and Polytechnique Montréal, will formalize their support of numerous Olympic and Paralympic athletes and members of national teams to promote the successful pursuit of their studies by way of a partnership with the Canadian Olympic Committee (COC).

This new agreement is being established as part of the COC’s Game Plan program and will see UdeM joining the ranks of the COC’s Education Network. Within the framework of the existing sport-study policy, the partnership will allow for the provision of greater support and flexibility to help athletes succeed in their education as they represent Canada on the international sports scene.

UdeM will be working hand-in-hand with Alliance Sport-Études, the Fondation de l’athlète d’excellence du Québec (FAEQ), and the Institut national du sport du Québec (INS Québec) in supporting high-performance athletes. Such support will include increased flexibility with respect to schedule conflicts related to athletes’ playing and training commitments, as well as access to a resource person who will help guide athletes throughout their academic journey.

“This partnership really concretizes the support offered to our high-level athletes,” explains Louise Béliveau, Vice-Rector of Student Affairs and Academics at Université de Montréal. “Regardless of their field of study, they will be able to count on our assistance. This is our way of clearly letting them know that we are open to adapting to their reality and that we are firmly committed to helping them pursue their studies in accordance with the pedagogical objectives that apply to our entire student body. These athletes serve as inspiring models for our community and youth, and we are very proud to be working with them to advance their academic and athletic success.”

“Flexibility is a key factor for athletes who must regularly travel around the world to participate in training camps and competitions,” adds Eric Myles, Executive Director of Sport at the COC. “Athletes who are devoting their efforts and energy to both education and sports often do better in the two pursuits, and this commitment will contribute significantly to their overall  development, and by the same token, to their post-athlete career.”

Danièle Sauvageau to serve as UdeM’s resource person

Université de Montréal will be counting on the extensive experience and competence of Danièle Sauvageau in her new role as resource person.

A member of UdeM’s Sport Excellence program personnel, Danièle has been involved with national teams in many ways over the years, having participated in seven Olympic Games as coach, general manager and trainer. Highly respected by the media, she has also served as general manager of the UdeM Carabins women’s hockey team since 2008.

“We have been looking for an effective way of integrating high-performance athletes into our organizational structure for a long time,” underlines Manon Simard, Director of Sport Excellence at UdeM and former member of the national swim team. “Applying a personalized approach, we will now be able to continuously provide them with much more concrete forms of support.

“Danièle is a grand lady of sport with truly unique expertise thanks to her vast knowledge of both athletics and academics. As such, she will serve as an invaluable resource for our athletes in guiding them with their studies, while helping them meet the specific challenges they face pursuing excellence in their sport and working with their coaches as needed.”

Université de Montréal currently has some 20 Olympic and Paralympic athletes and members of national teams among its ranks. This new structure will allow these athletes to obtain even greater levels of support, while offering numerous others the possibility of studying at UdeM.

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