I believe we have parallel lives

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Paul Raymond Robichaud is writing his doctoral thesis on the principle of locality in quantum physics.

I believe that an object can exist in two places simultaneously. A photon can exist at the same time on two planets, or even in two galaxies. And what's true for a photon is likely true for things that are much more complex, including human beings. Indeed, as people, we may have parallel lives.

In quantum mechanics, the principle of locality means that no action can have a continuous effect that's faster than the speed of light. In my PhD in quantum computing, I succeeded in establishing that the principle of locality could be applied in an imaginary world that seems non-local. In one of my articles, I also presented a new approach to describe quantum mechanics in a perfectly local way. Several researchers had worked on this issue without achieving the mathematical simplicity I came up with.

After my doctorate, I want to continue my university research.

- Paul Raymond Robichaud

More on the thesis

Thesis director

  • Gilles Brassard, Department of Computer Science and Operational Research


  • Brassard, G., and P. Raymond-Robichaud. Parallel Lives: A local realistic interpretation of “nonlocal” boxes.

In the media

  • "Deux chercheurs plongent dans les vies parallèles," Forum, 18 avril 2017.

Interview by Mathieu-Robert Sauvé

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