UdeM's School of Public Health receives international accreditation

Credit: Marc-Antoine Zouéki

In 5 seconds

It's the first francophone institution to be accredited by the Council on Education for Public Health.

The Council on Education for Public Health (CEPH) recently granted accreditation to Université de Montréal’s School of Public Health (ESPUM) for a period of five years. The School demonstrated its compliance with the CEPH’s high standards of quality and its ability to train professionals and researchers to carry out a broad range of public health functions at the local, national and international level. Of the 58 institutions the prestigious CEPH has accredited, almost all are in the U.S.; one other is in Canada, and there is one in Mexico and one in Taiwan.

“Earning this accreditation was one of ESPUM’s key objectives from the outset, a way to win international recognition for Quebec’s outstanding expertise in the field of public health," said Université de Montréal rector Guy Breton. "This recognition represents a vote of confidence in our professors and public-health researchers, and is a significant asset for our students and graduates."

“The CEPH had already accredited our Master's program in Public Health, and now this distinction has been extended to the entire School and its programs," added Réjean Hébert, dean of the ESPUM. "This great accomplishment is the fruit of several years of hard work by my colleagues and predecessors."

Continuous improvement pays off

“With this accreditation, the School is engaged in a process of continuous improvement," Hébert continued. "It's a very positive exercise, allowing us to better meet the needs of both the professional community and society at large. This dialogue between training, research and the changes happening all around us today is more essential than ever. Public health is part of the world around us, an increasingly fast-paced, complex and interconnected world. We have a duty to adequately prepare professionals and researchers to meet these challenges.”

Added Laura Rasar King, executive director of the Council: “The CEPH acknowledges the efforts made by Université de Montréal to implement permanent improvements with a view to offering students high-quality training that enables them to advance their career goals."

Based on the attainment of 29 accreditation criteria, the CEPH reviewed the quality of training offered to students at ESPUM, their professional integration, their learning environment, the research done at the institution, and its governance. Of the School's many performance indicators, one stands out: 90% of graduates find a job or continue their studies within 12 months of graduating. The CEPH accreditation now guarantees students that the training they received and the skills they acquired at ESPUM will be recognized in universities and professional settings worldwide.