A new AI partnership with Samsung

A view of the J.-Armand Bombardier Incubator.

A view of the J.-Armand Bombardier Incubator.

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The South Korean tech giant sends researchers to work at UdeM.

The Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology has a new artificial-intelligence lab on the campus of Université de Montréal.

Set up in the J.-Armand Bombardier Incubator, it will be used to strengthen collaborative research with the team of computer-science professor Yoshua Bengio and his team at the Montreal Institute for Learning Algorithms.
The Samsung institute has been working with Bengio since 2014.
"There is a long-standing and fruitful research collaboration between us and Samsung and we are glad to see Samsung open a research lab here and join the amazing momentum that is turning Montreal into an international hub for AI, both academically and industrially," Bengio said.

The new lab is taking in researchers dispatched from South Korea to work with UdeM professors and students to develop key algorithms and components for artificial intelligence such as voice/image recognition, translation, autonomous driving and robots.

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