Université de Montréal cuts advertising on Facebook and Instagram

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In solidarity with the media, UdeM is announcing that it will significantly reduce its advertising spend on Meta's social media platforms.

Université de Montréal announced today that it will significantly reduce its advertising on the social media platforms Facebook and Instagram, both owned by the firm Meta. This decision comes at a time when Meta has announced its intention not to comply with federal Bill C-18 concerning online communication platforms that make news content available to Canadians

As of today, and for an indefinite period, the University is suspending all advertising on Facebook and Instagram that is not essential to the recruitment and admissions process, including sponsorship of publications, promotion of activities and general advertising.

UdeM will continue to promote its study programmes to applicants for admission but will limit the volume of advertising to what is strictly necessary. Such advertising remains essential to encourage young Quebecers to undertake university studies and to enable them to make an informed choice with all the information they require.

"With this gesture, Université de Montréal is showing its solidarity with the media, whose role is essential to the circulation of reliable information and to the health of our democracies, and is lending its support to the legislative efforts being made by our governments to compensate the media for sharing their articles and reporting," said UdeM rector Daniel Jutras.

By reducing part of its advertising on Meta platforms, the University is following in the footsteps of the Government of Canada, the Government of Quebec and a variety of Canadian organizations. Bill C-18, which is due to come into force in December, is designed to regulate digital platforms that act as intermediaries in the Canadian news media ecosystem, thereby strengthening fairness in the digital news market nationwide.

Like all the organizations that have chosen to suspend their advertising placements on Meta, UdeM will continue to use its Facebook and Instagram accounts to disseminate information and messages to its followers.  Only advertising is affected by the measure announced today.

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